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AI has already caught attention of people as it looms large and is more profound in managing security, workload, and compliance in IT departments.

“Rooting for Artificial Intelligence.”

Technology has witnessed to be at a ground-breaking stage and the IT sector is continuously striving to take huge leaps in terms of rendering customer satisfaction as their top priority and AI is creating a pretty huge splash in the mainstream. The concept of AI is being used by millions of people already and isn’t an abstract idea anymore.

AI-powered computers have the ability to render extraordinary data analytics in order to determine the best marketing strategies and that will have the highest priority of succeeding. Predictive marketing uses machine-to-machine algorithms for determining the next wave of marketing strategy by focusing on what the end-users are really looking for. AI works best with a load amount of data and the concept of automated vehicles is still in its nascent stage and these unmanned vehicles will be deployed full-fledged very soon. However, talking about autonomous vehicles, what do incidences of fatal accidents tell us about nosedived algorithms? These incidences have manipulated peoples’ trust with using them and has become a benchmark depicting that humans perform better than technology. We can totally understand that AI will not be able to understand ‘everything’ as humans do, but it sure has enhanced the functionality and operative aspects of business strategies. The current data explosion has resulted in the mandatory use of technologies such as AI and IOT to eventually outlaw believe that autonomous driving is not really safe!

“One of the first areas of artificial intelligence will take away many jobs is transportation. Bus drivers, truckers, taxi drivers…. Need to start rethinking about new careers.” – Dave Waters

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