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Going beyond Google App Store; understanding what is up with Chinese mobile application market

Many of the developers think that there are no effective rules and regulatory norms in China due to the market’s prosperity and widespread IP thefts. China is a booming industry in terms of their smartphone industry.

This industry has always created a plan to bring China into the global market. Taking a sneak peek into the exponentially growing industry, it demonstrates that mobile phones are gaining demands and is not expected to turn back in the near future. In China, it is expected that there are more than 250 million active users and only about 30 percent of them use the Google play store. There are a rising number of Android developers in this region and are making notable efforts to bring in alternatives or third-party app stores that provide a closure to the problem of hosting different app stores.

China has the highest population in the world and is considered to be the biggest consumer market, with a smartphone penetration rate that surpasses global records. As the demand is high the manufacturers are bringing in cheaper products with an enhanced set of features that has helped China attract international markets such as North America, Europe, and India. The chines business culture is quite different than the rest of the world as there is no high-context pressure for superior quality assurance.

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