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A modern day traveler is defined by two words; ‘demanding’ and ‘educated’. To meet the luxury expectations, the leisure businesses are perking heights of quality management

Hotels have understood the fact that the new breed of travelers know what they are looking for, even before reaching their destination. The factors involved in a hotel stay is much more complicated than choosing the right pillows and straightening the drapes.

“Everything is evolving into multiple touch points based on customer desire.”

It is very much evident that every new feature a hotel tries to bring in has something to do with customer check-in, check-outs, etc. now the customers are increasingly trending towards becoming more self-aware about their comfort and other aesthetics. They want the management to interact with them on their terms and on their time. Speaking of wake-up calls, room service, things like that, everything is becoming customer-centric due to the rise in technological advancements and its easy assessment. They will expect to order their food online, get a cozy spa in their rooms, confirm their booking via SMS, make their reservation electronically, broadband in their rooms, and may wish to download music, videos, and movies over the hotel network. However, no major hotels chains up till now are deploying so intricate ecosystem for their customers, but it looks like the companies have to spend a big dollar to satisfy this new breed of tourists.

The hospitality sector in now increasingly investing in information technology to relay the facilities like mobile phone-based barcode virtual keys to their guests. These millennials have been raised in a gadget-filled world of choice and 5-star hotels are moving forward with a changing mindset.

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