A partnership formed between the public-spirited E-Tailor Olivela and the Lancer Skincare

An announcement was made today by the Lancer Skincare that it has formed a partnership with the philanthropic and state-of-the-art e-commerce site Olivela. Lancer Skincare is the modern esteemed beauty brand to have formed this alliance with Olivela with the mission for empowering the young women.

Olivela is the perfect destination for the philanthropists who want to buy luxury goods. 21% of the total purchase is given as charity to one of the charity partners of the Olivela for providing support to the efforts for securing education for the girls who are at-risk worldwide without any additional cost to the purchaser.

Via these extensive training and studies by the Doctor Lancer, he personally knows the importance of his noble education. Doctor Lancer believed that everyone has an equal right to getting the opportunity to learn and receive an education.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Lancer Skincare, Tracey Sameyah passed the following statement: “We fervently believe in Olivela’s brand mission of providing equal opportunities to education and empowering future female generations. Each Lancer product purchased provides between one and six days of school for a young girl, which is powerful. Our partnership with Olivela allows Lancer customers to not only achieve great skin but simultaneously do good by giving back.”

The Chief Executive Officer and the Founder of Olivela, Stacey Boyd said the following: “Dr. Lancer’s three-step “Lancer Method” for glowing skin has such a devoted following amongst the clientele of his Beverly Hills dermatology practice that we knew we wanted to bring it to Olivela’s shoppers who don’t live close enough for an office visit. Now our discerning shoppers have access to his highly sought-after and very effective product line— and by buying it at Olivela, twenty-percent of the proceeds of every purchase they make supports educating girls worldwide.”