American College of Emergency Physician revealed: Emergency visits surpassing previous records

According to the latest data from the Center for disease control & prevention, the number of emergency cases broke the record of 145.6 million patients in 2016. The American College of Emergency (ACE) also noted that the waiting time has been improving continuously.

President of the ACE Physicians, Vidor Friedman stated: “Emergency physicians are uniquely qualified to provide essential care that patients can’t get anywhere else. Nearly two-thirds of visits occur after business hours when other doctors’ offices are closed. Millions of patients rely on emergency physicians for rapid diagnosis and treatment of acute illness, while emergency departments are increasingly viewed as a hub for care and care transitions.”

The number of illness cases as emergency cases have overtaken the injury cases and this continues to happen. Also, most often visitors of emergency wards are seen to be senior citizens or children.

The top most common reason patients sought for emergency care was stomach pain and chest pain. 29 percent of emergency visits were accounted for injuries whereas the leading causes behind injuries were motorbike crashes & falls. The main disease for which the patients were admitted in the emergency department was the heart disease.

Around 60% of emergency care was provided outside of the regular hours of hospital i.e. from 8 am till 5 pm. There wasn’t any difference in the percentage of patients who got care during regular business hours.

Doctor Friedman stated: “Emergency physicians are proud to provide care to anyone, anytime. Emergency care is growing more complex and some of the larger trends that will impact emergency department planning and resource discussions include the rising number of elderly patients, preventing and treating opioid abuse, and the role of the emergency department in treating and managing patients with mental illness.”