An announcement by Meritor & TransPower about their completion of two successful projects

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A company leading in clean transportation technology, Trans Power, and the advanced manufacturer of brake system & axles, Meritor, who has also invested in TransPower, made an announcement today about the completion of their two projections which were multi-year, for the testing, establishment, and assessment of innovative, Class 8 trucks and zero-emission electric yard tractors. The projects gained support from the Vehicle Technologies Program and the California Energy Commission, which encourages new technologies for vehicles which lessens the consumption of petrol and also reduces production of detrimental emissions from vehicles.

CEO and founder of the TransPower Company, Mike Simon stated: “The projects enabled through these grants met the goals of demonstrating the benefits of adopting electric propulsion technology to large vehicles and stimulating commercial adoption.”

the two projects which were completed lately were started simultaneously in the mid of the year 2015 after the competitive award of grant $6 million to the company TransPower for driving the improvements and giving demonstration of its new electric vehicle technologies that incorporate enduring magnet motors, huge battery packs and radical controls that can power heavyweight vehicles. Under both these projects, TransPower produced a fresh version of its electric yard tractor drive system custom made for heavyweight yard tractors.

Senior Vice President of the company Meritor Global Truck, Chris Villavaryan passed the following statement: “By continuing to advance electrification technology through this investment, we are positioning Meritor to be a major player in this emerging industry segment. We believe the solutions we are developing will be preferred by commercial vehicle manufacturers around the world.”

The companies Meritor & TransPower in association with other key manufacturers of vehicles will be manifesting this latest technology at the EXPO Advanced Clean Transportation on the 24th till 26th April in Long Beach.