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Apple sales have witnessed a downfall with the growing prominence and market holding of Microsoft’s reign

According to the Economic times, Microsoft has surpassed the trade done by Apple to become the most loved company in the last few years. It generated a capital of about 753.3 billion US dollars in the year 2010 and became the most valuable organization in the United States.

Capitalism is thriving to its highest peak as the suppliers cut down on the workforce cost due to the growing trend in automation.

Now Apple became the first ever trillion d=dollar company ever known to the technological history of mankind. But however, it came down to $746.8 billion on Friday as the iPhone sales drastically lowered than expected. Amazon holds the third position in the world market with numbers about 736.6 billion dollars and Alphabet stands at the fourth position with almost 725.5 billion dollars as their overall revenue. As these four companies look to be the most valuable ion the list, other companies are increasingly betting on them pretty big. With the invention of agile cloud computing infrastructure and virtual reality making strides than ever imagined, Microsoft is reaching heights in its sales journey.

Microsoft posted a revenue of 29.1 billion dollars generated from their sales of Azure Cloud, gaming and Surface laptop portfolio. It is anticipated to bring home a profit of almost 8.8 billion dollars in the first quarter of the new year 2019.









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