First low- cost airline of Abu Dhabi launched by Etihad and Air Arabia

Etihad Aviation Group, the owner of low-cost carrier Air Arabia, declared the linguistic communication of an agreement to launch ‘Air Arabia Abu Dhabi’ – the primary inexpensive carrier of the UAE capital.... Read more »
health education

National health system and health education organizations to provide jobs.

The government has reached an understanding with the United Kingdom-based national health systems and health education organizations to supply coaching and job opportunities to students of nursing schools within the State. A... Read more »
Seaweed industry

Seaweed industry of Japan at risk.

The small city of Futtsu, near the mouth of Tokyo Bay, has been farming nori — the skinny sheets of seaweed utilized in Japanese culinary art to wrap rice balls and build... Read more »
digital technology

Architectural history to be restored by digital technology in New Zealand.

The exhibition at the Wellington museum that was unionized in partnership with Victoria University of Wellington’s college of design architecture can showcase however digital technology will facilitate document New Zealand’s architectural history.... Read more »
military-industrial complex

Here’s the new military-industrial complex in Taiwan.

Taiwan embarked on nearly 50 years ago to grow its own defense trade as a result of the island’s leaders ne’er know how several arms they’ll get from abroad. Taiwan seeks a... Read more »
providing healthcare

A team of Chinese medical is providing healthcare in Rwanda

The relinquishment ceremony between the 19th and 20th Chinese medical groups was hung on Tuesday at the Chinese embassy in the national capital. The 19th China Medical Team primarily based at Kigali’s... Read more »

A mega event of Dubai expo 2020 opens numerous opportunities for investment for the UAE economy

With a year to go till expo 2020 Dubai, because the event’s Official Banking Partner, Emirates NBD joins the country in anticipation and excitement as we tend to prepare in earnest for... Read more »
5G Technology

5G Technology launched in Laos

The Vietnamese military-run telecommunication group Viettel plans to roll out 5G technology in Laos by year-end. This can be Vietnam’s third overseas launch of the service. The country aims to expand this... Read more »
air pollution is Miscarriage

Another serious negative health effect of growing air pollution is Miscarriage in China

Researchers in China have found a significant link between pollution and the risk of miscarriage, in keeping with a replacement scientific paper discharged on Monday. While pollution has been connected to a... Read more »