Brain Perceives Objects Better With Attention

The brain is one of the most mysterious organs in the body that has not been fully studied and understood. Many different researches are ongoing trying to understand and learn more about  the brain. One of the recent studied conducted on the brain has shown that there are different ways of increasing the focus.

The study conducted by a team of scientists from Salk, led by senior author, John Reynolds,  a professor at Salk have observed that the brain will perceive objects more efficiently if more attention is given. Increasing your focus towards an object will help you observe and recognize more details than having a fast unorganized look.

Dr. John commented on the study saying, “This study informs us about how information is encoded in the electrical circuits in the brain. When a stimulus appears before us, this activates a population of neurons that are selective for that stimulus. Layered on top of that stimulus-evoked response are large, low-frequency fluctuations in neural activity.”

This study was based on a previous study that observed that attention will suppress low frequencies coming from the object which is why the brain perceive it in a better manner. Tests were carried out using a technology called optogenetics which affects neurons through a laser. This stimulates the area of the brain related to attention and the results are then represented on a computer for investigation.

Dr. Anirvan, assistant author commented saying, “This is the first time this theoretical idea that increased background noise can hurt perception has been tested. We’ve confirmed that attention does operate largely by suppressing this coordinated neuron firing activity.”