Caregiver, Inc., state Technology must be benefiting individuals and should be centered around humans

Chief Technology Officer & Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Caregiver Inc., Sameer Bhargava is the leader of the technological transformation of the company in order to maintain the core mission of Caregiver which is to care for those who meet the requirements of either as intellectually or developmentally disabled or are affected by such conditions.

Over a period of eight months, Caregiver shifted around 8 million records to their Electronic Health Records system (EHR) from paper. Nearly fifteen thousand users have their account logged into the HER every day. By the service professional of the company’s user base, approximately 16 thousand training courses have been put to completion.

According to Bhargava, such key changes are dealt with in supporting the element of the human. He stressed: “Ultimately, our technology ecosystem reduces administrative burdens for our professionals. Increasing the time staff can spend with the individuals we serve. Our ‘digital evolution’ places individuals at the center of everything we do.”

Lately, digital systems have become very vital and instructed commonly for the developmentally or intellectually disabled (IDD) service industry. Meanwhile, when Caregiver was expanding, Bhargava along with his team developed a long-term digital evolution by employing a layered approach of a stability-driven. The transformation from paper to the team tools and electronic systems, while daring at times, produce enhanced networks of services for day habilitation centers as well as for group homes. Advantages for features of team manage the societal, social, medical, and work-life and also bring effectiveness for finance and accounting, an simplicity for review and audit.

The CEO of Caregiver, Mark Lashley stated: “Technology can greatly improve the lives of the thousands of individuals we serve. Our staff of 3500 in four states recognizes that such advancements are helping position Caregiver as a provider of choice and an employer of choice. They have embraced the changes.”