Univar made an announcement about it being chosen as the first preference of Axiom Foods for distribution of Plant-based ingredients

An announcement was made today by Univar Inc. that Axiom Foods Inc. has picked Univar  Solutions as its first priority for distribution for the U.S. Univar is an international ingredient & chemical... Read more »

More pros or cons of Food Pouches?

Useful, tasty, and apparently healthy, food pouches appear to be the best solution, however, according to a study by The University of Texas Health Science Center (UTHealth) parents might consider pausing prior... Read more »

An insight into the filtration process of water

Recent research published in ‘ACS Macro Letters’, unveiled the original structure of membranes employed in reverse osmosis which is the number one method of conversion of seawater into drink worthy water. As... Read more »

Academy of Nutrition & Diet suggests How to store leftovers & plan your meals to prevent food from getting thrown away

To help reduce the wastage of food, the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics have come up with the amazing idea of offering tips regarding ways to plan your meals with food you... Read more »

Motivation Affects Results On Nutrition and Diet

Whether or not we believe it, there is a direct communication between your mental and physical health. Your mental state directly affects your body functions towards positive and negative behaviors. A recent... Read more »