Considerations Overlooked in Gender Transition

A researcher in the health of transgender, Gloria Bachmann, discusses the conditions that such people have to face at the beginning of the transition process and the frequently-overlooked conditions. Bachmann believes that... Read more »

Aging and longevity experts Receive an International Prize for their research

Dr. Steven Austad, a former lion trainer and aging expert at the University of Alabama and his University fellow, Dr. Jessica Hoffman have been awarded the George C. Williams prize by the... Read more »

The tightened criteria of dating app Luxy

The very trendy dating app Luxy has tightened its joining criteria. Having received applications exceeding 30,000 on a daily basis, those who seem to be the most suitable one can join only.... Read more »

FirstLight chosen as the internet service provider of Hildene

The Lincoln Family Home selected FirstLight as their internet service provider. This announcement was made by the FirstLight itself which is a leader of providing excellent Internet, cloud, data center and various... Read more »

Creation of DutyFreeList for the convenience and ease of travelers

The former council manager of Duty Free World, Kshitijj Goyal, created DutyFreeList which allows the travelers to outlook the airport via the app even before they travel. The airport service aggregator has... Read more »

Box has Reported the Third Quarter Financial Results

Box Inc. has finally announced the financial results of fiscal 2019 for the third quarter.  The revenue calculated for the 3rd quarter was found to be 155.9 Million US dollars that are... Read more »

Online Bookkeeping Service Called Bookkeeping Zoom Made Available Today

Bookkeeping Zoom is based in California and has proudly announced the launch of its very first online service of bookkeeping for small businesses, independent contractors and entrepreneurs.  For only 99 dollars per... Read more »

An announcement by the Ford Motor about their new CFO

Tim Stone, who is currently Snap Inc.’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and previously worked at as an executive will now take the spot of Bob Shanks who is currently the CFO... Read more »

How Millennials are Altering the Investment Landscape

The Millennial generation is frequently making the headline for their expenditure practices, tricky marketability and the “killing” of a variety of industries. But the generation isn’t only finishing off old-school fashions; it’s... Read more »