Online Bookkeeping Service Called Bookkeeping Zoom Made Available Today

Bookkeeping Zoom is based in California and has proudly announced the launch of its very first online service of bookkeeping for small businesses, independent contractors and entrepreneurs.  For only 99 dollars per... Read more »

An announcement by the Ford Motor about their new CFO

Tim Stone, who is currently Snap Inc.’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and previously worked at as an executive will now take the spot of Bob Shanks who is currently the CFO... Read more »

How Millennials are Altering the Investment Landscape

The Millennial generation is frequently making the headline for their expenditure practices, tricky marketability and the “killing” of a variety of industries. But the generation isn’t only finishing off old-school fashions; it’s... Read more »

Expansion of technology employment in Florida

Employment rate related to the technology sector bloomed substantially. New jobs emerged which exceeded 18,000 in 2018. Also, the technology sector contributed to the state’s economy to a great extent. Around 568,000... Read more »

Decrease in March’s Consumer Confidence Index

Comparing to the increase in the Consumer Confidence Index in February, there has been a decline in March. Now the index reflects 124.1, decreasing from 131.4 in February. The current situation index,... Read more »

A recent study by Upgraded Points highlights the Top US Airlines

Lately, the US airline market share domination in North America was profoundly analyzed by the Upgraded Points LLC which was offered in their recent study. Factors including the number of passengers and... Read more »

Scrutinizing Importance of Team Interaction

Suppose you’re part of a team that isn’t really unified, one where the deadlines are met hardly and the team is incompetent enough to complete any assigned projects. Now, imagine yourself as... Read more »

An Astronomical Flavor Offered By The Grape Tomato Varieties by New Galaxy Suite

Farmers from New York have found a new way of pleasing their customer’s demand for food for something quite different. An associate professor, Phillip Griffiths, of plant breeding and genetics has launched... Read more »

Paleontologists from the University of Alberta Report the World’s Largest Tyrannosaurus Rex

Paleontologists from the University of Alberta reported the world’s biggest Tyrannosaurus rex and the largest dinosaur skeleton ever found in Canada. The 13-meter-long T. rex was nicknamed Scotty and lived almost 66... Read more »