Cyber Security

Cyber Security Manager at ED&F Man solves their threat detection challenges

After a very minor security incident, ED&F Man, two centuries old trader and broker of commodities like coffee, sugar, animal feed, and molasses has chosen the Cognito network detection and response platform... Read more »

The benefits of transitioning to electric vehicles for the United States

In the presidential primary race, environmental policies are the order of the day because carbon pollution is a major global threat. Nonetheless, it is worth wondering if the proposals of the candidates... Read more »


Every one of the organizations run based on request and supply. Where there are more requests, the stock increments, and Vice Versa. Due to expanding interest for lightweight development materials for strength... Read more »
future technology products

Saudi chemical giant SABIC is betting heavily on India to create future technology products

Saudi Basic Industries Corp (SABIC), the third largest chemical company in the world, is relying heavily on India for research and development and creating its future products for innovation. Some of the... Read more »
Japanese Technology

Japanese Technology To battle Pollution? Top Court Asks Centre To Explore

With air quality once again hitting hazardous levels in Delhi and surrounding areas, the Supreme Court today slammed the center on the issue of air pollution in the capital and other parts... Read more »

IoT Regulation: Too Little? Too Late?

Many IoT devices ‘ pathetic security has been well known for years. Action by the government that could finally change this sad fact could finally arrive. These first steps, however, seem to... Read more »

Crypto Tax Software Sees an increase in Demand Amid IRS Crackdown

Startups providing cryptocurrency tax software have been proliferating in recent years, and the tools will become even more popular in the filing season for 2020, industry professionals said. Software demand, which calculates... Read more »

AI has a bias problem Barring African experts from a Canadian conference will not help

Some of Africa and South America’s leading artificial intelligence experts are denied visas for attending a major industry conference in Canada, undermining efforts to prevent discrimination from taking root in the new... Read more »
Artificial Intelligence

A glimpse of the global Artificial Intelligence industry at the China import expo

Trash arranging robot, “nourishing eating regimen” for tomatoes, wearable wellbeing gadgets – a future with computerized reasoning can be seen and contacted at the continuous second China International Import Expo (CIIE) in... Read more »