VR helps the old age people in Japan to see the world

Going from the waterways of Venice to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, a gathering of older individuals in Japan is seeing the world – without leaving their seats. It’s everything on account... Read more »

Digital Cockpit of Samsung is the ultimate road to the future

Pervasive network is the key that guarantees to open up boundless chances, and one of the manners in which it will change our lives is versatility. Seeing a demo of Samsung’s vision... Read more »

Pundi X, BCCC, Join Forces to Execute the Block chain Technology in Japan

Pundi X has been, in recent times, efficiently carrying out the adoption of blockchain technology and the employment of digital currencies, and at the same time conforming to the laws, rules, and... Read more »

Tech subsidies drives SoftBank Group benefit up 36%

Japan’s SoftBank Group Thursday posted net benefits up in excess of a third, helped by increases from its venture subsidize which has furrowed billions into the absolute most sweltering names in the... Read more »

Cutting edge technology showcased by “SmartBiz Omaha, Powered by Cox”

May 1 was declared by Pete Ricketts, the Governor of Nebraska and also a businessman, as the ‘SmartBiz Omaha Day, powered by Cox’ pulling off an event which was one of its... Read more »

Bouygues Telecom Taps AirTies for Next-Gen Home Wi-Fi

AirTies, the most widely deployed provider of managed in-home Wi-Fi solutions to global service providers, today announced it was selected by Bouygues Telecom to provide its Smart Wi-Fi software and Mesh extenders to broadband... Read more »

Caregiver, Inc., state Technology must be benefiting individuals and should be centered around humans

Chief Technology Officer & Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Caregiver Inc., Sameer Bhargava is the leader of the technological transformation of the company in order to maintain the core mission of... Read more »

Expansion of technology employment in Florida

Employment rate related to the technology sector bloomed substantially. New jobs emerged which exceeded 18,000 in 2018. Also, the technology sector contributed to the state’s economy to a great extent. Around 568,000... Read more »


Technology is a trend that you have to constantly keep updating yourself and your businesses with. As the cell phones seep into the lifestyles of your consumers, integrating these into your marketing... Read more »