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Clickstream analytics reveals a lot about the online behavior of customers and prospects

Today online retail customers leave a large digital footprint with ever clicked tabs, their shopping carts, checkouts and other interactions with brands. This helps businesses identify their target audience and understand their demands or interests in a better way.

However, churning out the accurate information in order to determine appropriate businesses predictions can be quite a challenging and a complex task for marketers. Clickstream analytics has proven to a potential method to determine the effectiveness of a particular brand and what pages the user lingers on.  There is always a pattern in which customer visit their favorite websites. All this data is effectively collected and analyzed using this clickstream analytics and organizations utilizes this information to effectively formulate their futuristic marketing strategies and models. This technology works mainly at two levels. First, it operates at the server level, where it calculates the number of pages or how many servers the customer has visited while browsing. It also determines the other actions performed by the user such as the number of times he hits the back, stop, and exit or view product button.  This is a loyalty program that realizes the effectiveness of the site as a channel-to-market. E-commerce is yet another major step that monitors the large volume of the gathered data and interprets it with the help of big data analytics and related tools such as hive, Hadoop, SQL, etc. to generate reports for specific areas of the e-commerce. Speed tracking is yet another method that uses recorded customer calls to evaluate their current business scenario and act on those insights to increase their ROI.






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