Creating Startup in On-Demand Service Industry

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For aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs the online services market is gaining enormous attention and they are deliberately turning towards reaping the benefits in today’s success climate. It has also let the tech-friendly millennials become a part of online economy, which is catering to their trending products appetite.

According to the Pew Research Center, more than 90% of the youngsters belonging to the age group of 18-28 own a smartphone. People want to take advantage of the speed and convenience aspects of door step delivery, which can fix their needs, let’s say to shop for a party. The market for online on demand service is here to stay and for entrepreneurs who want to capitalize on this growing liability, the time seems just right.

A famous On-Demand Startup Success Story

‘UberCab’ was only a budding project, almost eight years back in San Francisco. Travis Kalanick, founder of what we now call ‘Uber’, managed to grow his company into a global empire and was estimated to be a worth of 6.5 billion dollars in 2016.

He had a very clear vision of helping people who stand at side-walks and curbs, waving at passing cabs with a hope that one may stop by. With Uber you can easily get a cab at the nearest proximity, also you can track the driver’s location to get an estimation of the time he or she may require to get to you. Once you load the cab, you can also get a fairly calculated fare for the ride. Uber is a classic example of a startup emerging into a billion dollar company, absorbing the power of modern technology and patterns of customer behavior.

Finding the clever-road to succeed in online on-demand services business?

Our latest report on the Online On-Demand Home Services Market prudently analyses the market trends, growth, size, revenue profits estimation, development prospects and market scheme over 2018-2026. The expert analysts have gathered extensive valuable data based on our insightful research methodologies.  The report offers an insight of the industry with product/ service definitions, service type, application and supply chain management.

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