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Digital DJ-ing on your phone

Find the best online music streaming applications

Cloud computing is a well-known technology and is delivering the most advanced solution for storing data online over to some distant servers. Cloud technology has the capability to serve multiple users located in some remote places with the help of their massive database libraries.

Find the top 3 online music streaming applications, where you can share your personalized radio stations and play your favorite music.

  1. Spotify

Spotify is one of the most famous applications that provides instant access to more than 20 million songs from different genres. It is well-known for its key feature that it is free from advertisements and has a great quality of streaming capabilities. It delivers a wide array of songs owned by the users and can be only controlled by the service providers.

  1. Vevo

Vevo application has a huge collection of official songs and playback music. It also categorizes their collection based on some of the top artists, hip-hop music, Bollywood, etc. Vevo also has the largest collection of videos and has a remarkable catalog of live recordings from concerts and performances. They are now planning on starting their own video streaming channel, outside of YouTube’s control.

  1. Google Play Music

It is a subscription-based application that performs custom create radio that lines up your music flavors and also provides the best of possible recommendation by algorithmically understanding your choices and interests.

Universal/ Sony/ Warner music is also doing proprietary work in eliminating unnecessary bits and parts from their applications and are bringing in features like incorporating songs and playlists from YouTube and other online platforms. These channels can be best described has music data transferred over to the end-users via the Internet. Today, Internet television is becoming popular and has surpassed the elevator music trends.



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