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Extending the bounds of what’s possible for modern-day agriculture: Digital Farming

The planting equation is a combined guesswork of traditional farming and a splash of technological advancements. Farmers today have become more pragmatic than ever as they gaining satisfaction by adopting what technology has to offer and work with a combination of intelligence and hard work. This is what we now call as smart farming.

A successful farming requires to focus on the key aspects that can help in maximizing land productivity and correspondingly reduce the functional costs, the risk of crop failure and gain the maximum profit from the retailed products. Sensors mounted on field equipment, weather forecast data, and soil databases are some of the factors that can be measured with the appropriate devices mounted for crop and field inspection. The tractor-mounted sensor devices can provide a real-time scenario of the farm, thus, assisting farmers to understand what actions to be taken so as to optimize the overall yield. It also correspondingly calculates the economic impact of the farmer’s actions so that they can make informed decisions regarding the financial implications of a particular course of action. Some of the key players such as Accenture has developed mobile based applications that can analyze soil type, seed quality, required fertilizers, irrigation needs, and also necessary training videos streaming to understand the working of modern-day farming and can help them optimize the overall farm performance. The ever-increasing demand for food all over the world has mandated farmers to revisit their farming strategies and shit towards more advanced techniques and give a new dimension to ‘smart agriculture’.

The new digital technologies have leveraged the processing of huge amounts of data at reduced costs and making farm field operations more efficient and productive. Digital agriculture is still in its nascent stage and has untapped potential that is essential to improve a farm’s financial performance.


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