Health Insurance is not Assurance of Healthcare

Due to the ever-increasing uncontrollable expenses, the Ohioans that are purchasing the subsidies for the health insurance are mostly unable to actually be able to afford at the right moment. That is the main conclusion of a latest studies for the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.

After carefully going through around 43 thousand adults in Ohio, the findings of the results showed that the low- to middle- income people who have received the subsidies for purchasing the health insurance through the health-insurance exchanges which were originally formed as a result of Affordable Care Act were highly prone to facing numerous problems associated with the accessibility and affordability of these services.

According to the senior author of this study, the extremely high costs of these exchange health plans causes the barriers when it comes to access to healthcare that they can afford. Mr. Siran Koroukian, who hold a PhD, and is currently working as an associate professor in the Department of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences in the Case Western Reserve University school of Medicine also claimed that this factor results in the delays and omission of the care which people need, they are more likely to become even more sicker before their eventual qualification for the Medical aid. Paradoxically, having insurance but being unable to afford enormous deductibles and expense, people will be more prone to face worsened medical condition than the ones with no insurance or Medical aid.

The study also supported the recently published Journal of General Internal Medicine comparing the measures of accessibility and affordability between the firm and its receipts in Ohio. While the low/middle-income Ohioans having incomes higher than the minimum income to qualify them for health insurance exchange subsidies found that they were:

5X more difficult to pay medical expenses

2X more likely to forgo tests that they need

2X more likely to skip filling a prescription due to its cost

2X more chances of a harder time getting medical help than the past

75X more viable to miss the needed medical care