Controlling Portion Size Of Food For Preschoolers Affects Health

Unhealthy eating habits and diets is definitely highly affecting our community in negative means. Such habits are more occurring between younger humans which causes a negative reaction of their bodies throughout their... Read more »

A study revealed: Electric jolts delivered to the brain can reverse youthful memory loss

Electric shocks which are not strong enough if applied to the brain can result in the reversal of memory loss even if caused decades ago, if only for a restricted time. Scientists... Read more »

A new discovery by scientists revealed that a new state of matter can exist as solid & liquid simultaneously

90 percent of us are well familiar with the famous three states of matter called liquid, gas, and solid. However, according to new research, a new state of matter has been discovered... Read more »

‘Air Taxis’ are aiming to increase safety to compete with commercial airlines

The new startup by air taxis ‘Volocopter’ will have an extraordinary and unparalleled level of safety. The company aims to initiate test flights in Singapore by the end of this year. Yesterday,... Read more »
transPower logo

An announcement by Meritor & TransPower about their completion of two successful projects

A company leading in clean transportation technology, Trans Power, and the advanced manufacturer of brake system & axles, Meritor, who has also invested in TransPower, made an announcement today about the completion... Read more »
American Airlines Flight

American Airlines Cuts Revenue Guidance

The extended grounding of Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) 737 MAX jets drove American Airlines Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: AAL) to cut its revenue guidance for the first quarter on Tuesday. American Airlines Group Inc. $33.83 The Company said... Read more »
amazon go cashless stores

Amazon’s Cashless Stores to Commence Accepting Cash

Amazon, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) is planning to start accepting cash at its automated convenience stores, according to a report from CNBC. The Company faces a rising number of complaints that cash-free businesses discriminate against... Read more »
Allbridge logo

Allbridge made an announcement about its changed positions of Vice President of Finance and CFO

The preeminent provider of solutions to Higher Education nationally, Healthcare & Hospitality, and also a company which provides videos and data, Allbridge, made an announcement today that they have raised the position... Read more »
canadian franchise association

2019 Franchisees Choice Designation received by the Franchiser of FASTSIGNS from CFA

The franchiser of FASTSIGNS, FASTSIGNS International, Inc., the main franchise which leads in graphics, signs and visual communications, made an announcement today that it has gained recognition by the Canadian Franchise Association... Read more »