Lucid Group and HealthCare21 reaching the heights of success.

A healthcare advisory with offices in Dubai, North West of England, and Singapore has been purchased by LDC-supported healthcare communication expert Lucid Group.

HealthCare21 has been manufacturing healthcare components and programs for its customers for more than 23 years now. The group has expertise in scientific approach, content formation, editorial and digital layout.

Lucid Group, which has been supported by LDC after 2017, is trained in giving medical communication that changes sufferers’ lives. Presently it has the following family members within its group; Bluedog, Leading Edge, Lighthouse, Lucid Partners and ViVid.

Lucid Group and HealthCare21 somehow work in the same domain. Both their patients are predicted to get assistance and improvement from the recent relationship with a direct approach to bigger teams, editorial skills and an instantaneous larger impression in the North West of the UK. The availability of offices in Singapore and Dubai will assist extension into new locations.

Supported by its private equity partner LDC, Lucid Group has goals to keep enhancing its effectiveness y through future expansion.

The co-founder of Lucid Group Dennis O’Brien stated, this is the best match and improves Lucid’s leading position in medical communication.

We have established our name in the market for out-standing strategic advisory, impressive medical communications, digital superiority, and innovative execution. HealthCare21 adds additional scientific and editorial skills to improve our offering to the customers and bring better chances for our teams.

HealthCare21 managing director Cliff Wyatt further elaborated: With our most profitable year in 2018, this is an ideal opportunity for us to take advantage of this momentum, gain from well-developed infrastructure and extra expertise like behavioral change and organize ourselves more as collaborators of choice for our customers.

LDC leader Christian Bruning mentioned: Under Dennis’s leadership, Lucid has continuously raised its reach and expanded its service offering.