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Make way for more potassium

Our body thrives on the required amount of potassium on an everyday basis. The human body doesn’t have the inbuilt capacity to store a substantial quantity of potassium and it completely relies on the daily intake of potassium-rich foods. It is vitally important to realize the symptoms of low potassium levels and can be followed by cramps in different parts of the body.

Doctors generally recommend the intake of potassium-rich supplements to help remedy it quickly. However, there are few natural sources of potassium that can cater to the need for a high-in-potassium food source.

Consumption of more potassium-rich foods such as figs, beets, butternut, lima beans, salmon, cantaloupe, pistachios, carrots, kiwi, coconut water Brussel sprouts, Swiss chard, avocado are every day is a great way to get more of the potassium that your body needs. Athletes and geriatric population have shown a greater demand for potassium-rich food such as to fuel their muscles and heart. As per the latest research was done by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), 95% of the health issues are caused due to improper food intake, inappropriate intake of nutritional minerals and vitamins, and the lack of physical exercise.

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