Nurturing Vietnam – Laos special solidarity

This is the third visit created by the government leader of Laos to Vietnam and his second official visit to the country since he took office as the PM in 2016.

The visit is a crucial political event, a tributary to affirming each country’s consistent policy of attaching importance to protecting and nurturing the good friendly relationship, special commonness, and comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and Laos.

Vietnam and Laos as the shut neighbors and also the peoples of the 2 countries get pleasure from a standard, trustworthy and connected relationship. The bilateral nice friendly relationship, special commonness, and comprehensive cooperation were based on Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh and Lao Presidents Kaysone Phomvihane and Souphanouvong, and are nurtured by generations of leaders and folks of the 2 countries. The connection has become a typical priceless quality and an awfully necessary issue to confirm the success of the revolutionary cause in every country.

The people from Vietnam and Laos have forever stood facet by facet moreover as given one another nice support and profound sharing of each material and religious conditions throughout their fights for national liberation within the past and also the causes of national construction and defense nowadays. The Vietnam – Laos special relations square measure a rare example of the robust and trustworthy cohesion between the 2 nations that have perpetually struggled for independence, freedom, peace and social progress.

Vietnamese folks sincerely congratulate the Party, State, and people of Laos for his or her achievements over recent years. The political state of affairs in Laos has primarily been stable and also the country’s security – defense has been ensured, whereas the leading role of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party (LPRP) has been maintained. Laos is one in each of the countries with the highest economic process in ASEAN, maintaining an annual rate of growth of around seven-members in recent years. Its exchange rate is stable and the rate of inflation is low.