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Performance Matters; the growing appetite for premium features

Over the past few years, the mobile phone market has transformed itself into a highly sophisticated and is going large for premium devices. But the bar of consumer expectations constantly rising, and so is the manufacturing standards of the key market players. The smartphone devices have consolidated features like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality into the suit of these miniature structures.

    Why has performance become the game of specs?

Speed-hungry applications have been emerging as a major trend and this is putting pressure on the performance capabilities of phones. These applications have canvased that small is beautiful. Consumers perceive high performance and do not mind investing in something that would serve them invaluable experiences.

While on the industry side, manufacturers are constantly in a rush to bring in the “next big thing” in the market. The increasing margins of profitability have broadened the scope of competitive players, all striving to deliver what tags itself the ‘best’. In terms of electronics manufacturing and distribution, China needs no introduction. China itself produces more than 50 percent of the world’s electronic goods and of which smart devices have the highest selling rate in the world market. The concrete use cases of these devices have conquered our modern day lifestyles spurred by the online on-demand revolution. Consumers are in a constant expedition of owning higher quality by upgrading their devices and flagship model.  Willingness to invest in a place that will reflect back by the value that it will bring along. The rising quality of innovations is justifying the premium price that customers are ready to pay in 2018. Looking at the trends that people are now fond of makes it evident the reason behind this overarching value segments offering more performance, convenience, quality or similar.

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