Preventive efforts for better cardiovascular health by Singapore

Singapore prevention and cardiac Rehabilitation conference 2019 was conducted recently in Singapore to handle the rise in the burden of cardiovascular diseases, to strengthen specialize in preventive efforts for higher cardiovascular health, the importance of cardiac rehabilitation, and investing technology to boost internal organs rehabilitation and redesigning model of care.

Edwin Tong, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Law and Ministry of Health aforementioned, “To encourage Singaporeans to higher watch out of their lifestyle, the Ministry of Health (MOH), operating with the Health Promotion Board (HPB), has been investing in preventive health by creating it easier and a lot of accessible to measure healthily. HPB started the National Steps Challenge. It had its fourth installment at the tip of last year and that wear viewing, however, we are able to do that better. Specific to cardiac health, a ban on partly change oils, the main supply of artificial trans fat are introduced in 2021. Major supermarkets and makers have pledged to satisfy the ban one year earlier, by June 2020. Also, to cut back smoking prevalence, we are going to more and more raise the minimum majority for smoking from 18 to 21 years previous in 2021, and standardize all tobacco products’ packaging from July 2020.”

Aligned with this year’s theme of the conference, “Contemporary internal organ Rehabilitation”, the Health Ministry hopes to use technology to boost the rehabilitation method and for outcomes for internal organ patients to be a lot of consistent, property and to confirm timely care and higher health outcomes.