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Pricing Strategy is not really a strategy, it’s an ongoing dialogue

Pricing strategy is something that is decided by an organization that marks the costs of its products and services. Every organization intends to earn the profits for which they have been investing for a long time. Overall corporate workflow, industry changes, competitor strategy, customer expectations and behavior, and other government regulatory barriers.

Pricing is an important marketing mix that hooks on to necessary pricing options and maximizes their income channels. This entire process involves some trial and errors before making any notable profit in the business. Your service charges should not be so high that it gets overshadowed by fellow players, nor should it be so less than your business starts to incur major losses. Skimming strategy, penetration pricing, cost-based, demand-based, dynamic, prestige, bundling, etc. are some of the costing strategies that are popular among businesses. But, before determining to implement any of these strategies, make sure if your end product is for resale or for retailers. The real scenario draws price lists, which demonstrates at what rate they will be selling to retailers and not at what the consumers will pay for the product. It is actually very less when compared to the price it is sold to the retailers.

The advent of advanced technology has granted sophisticated revenue management tools for adjusting the availability of various pricing points. The prime users of online social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn can reap the benefits of their value-based pricing tools.










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