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Race to the Space

The International Space Station is said to be as big as Princess Leia’s spaceship.

It is huge and it is the biggest item that has been ever built by human beings. It is almost the size of a football ground. It is said that almost 280 people from 18 different countries have been to the International Space Station and which as has 5 bedroom apartments and 6 people can survive at a time.

Some amazing facts about the International Space Station:

It is equipped with oxygen candles and when ignited can provide oxygen to a person for almost 24 hours. A movie named “Apogee of Fear” was filmed in the space and on the International Space Station. The ISS is said to have an immortality memory device which stores a tiny part of DNA, which belongs to St Stephen Hawking, Stephen Colbert, and Playboy model Jo Garcia. It is the third brightest object in the sky and can be seen with your naked eye especially sometime during the dusk or dawn. It looks like a moving airplane and moves abound with such a speed that it can go to moon from earth and come back to earth in one single day. Astronauts are equipped with mobile phones, laptops, and internet that helps them connect to their friend and family. They can also use their phones to track the exact GPS location of the International Space Station.

ISS can be described as man’s greatest achievements and the largest collaborative projects of all time.

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