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There is a new superhero in town; Data management is scaling and supporting complex systems

With the growing enterprise data explosion ranging from log files, message queues, transactional data, etc., companies have found the need to integrate everything within their current architecture, such as databases, ETL and batch, data lakes, messaging systems, etc., and determine how to infuse their legacy technologies with the new wave of IoT devices.

The key goal is to plot out strategies that will enable all the technologies to work seamlessly together. It no surprise that a majority of the organization are facing the challenge of securing their confidential data against all fraudulent activities and potential data loss. We have entered a time where storing data with the help of CPU and other memory devices are much more convenient than manually sorting them. This can be attributed to the amalgamation of bequest technologies while reaping the benefits of a modern data infrastructure. Several tools such as filtering, aggregation, and correlation of data that enables the batch capture of information is an evolutionary step in data management. Smartly and effectively handling the huge volumes of IoT data, storing only that which is necessary while still being able to respond immediately are the traits of good data management.

The ever-increasing data volumes have mandated organizations to embark on new IoT initiatives to extract valuable insights from new machines, sensors, and connected devices. Everything around us has harvested the need to bring in data management using IOT making life more comfortable and automated.

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