Trends in Robotic Automation to Look Forward In 2018

Applications in robotics are here to stay and are showing significant progress in 2018. The innovative progressions are constantly being introduced to make our daily life easier. Every iPhone user is well experienced with the quirkiness of the application called Siri.

Robotic automation includes incorporation of newest and upcoming trends to manipulate data or trigger a response with other digital devices. How should we expect these advancements to impact our lives?

  1. Voice Assistance

Often it is predicted that voice assistance could change the way people will perceive and use technology. The fact that this feature of modern devices has been imparted with human-like characteristics, in the form of a physical mobile body.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Under this banner, Alexa and Siri have exhibited a very broad field to make life more efficient and user-friendly for us simple humans.  AI capabilities are also utilized in developing video games, attributed to their imitation of a respective human behavior.

  1. Following the Big Boy Trend

Robotics automation advancements widely emerged from countries like Japan, China, and the United States. This industry has shown expanded invasion of new players making significant investments in the research and development (RnD). South Korea is one of the leading commercial robot manufacturer, which is also among some of the other regions investing heavily in creating new opportunities and challenge the gameplay of the other major players.

The future of the robotics automation is evolving in developing edge-cutting solutions at a budget-friendly range of promising innovative forerunners in this field.

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