Univar made an announcement about it being chosen as the first preference of Axiom Foods for distribution of Plant-based ingredients

An announcement was made today by Univar Inc. that Axiom Foods Inc. has picked Univar  Solutions as its first priority for distribution for the U.S. Univar is an international ingredient & chemical supplier & distributor of services of added value across a vast range of industries. The contract comprised of the whole line of Axiom Foods pea proteins & rice & supplementary plant-based ingredients which are found to be very common in nutritional snacks, meat analogs, drinks, and bars.

Univar Solutions’ Director of food ingredients, Austin Nichols stated: “Axiom Foods’ ability to innovate and deliver neutral, soluble, and allergen-free solutions to meet consumer demand will ensure our long-term mutual success as Univar Solutions provides market intelligence data and analytics to predict trends and drive growth. Working with Axiom Foods gives us the opportunity to collaborate with a leading innovator of rice and pea protein and bring consumers the products they are demanding.”

Statements were also passed by the CEO of Axiom Foods, David Janow: “Our unique functional options, patents, clinical studies, commercial quantities, and strict quality standards differentiate ourselves from other competitors within the plant-based protein market. Working with Univar Solutions will ensure that our products can be accessible to a larger customer base of food and beverage manufacturers who are looking for the ‘Intel Inside’ of plant proteins and asking for Oryzatein® rice protein and Vegotein™ pea protein by name.  Sustainable options are a must and we have both a winning method and a winning team!”

Univar Solutions is a highly committed partner to suppliers and its customers. It provides value-added products to cater to the needs of its stakeholders and helps them in navigation, anticipation and in growing meaningful opportunities. To get more information about Univar and its solutions for the users, learn further about it at www.univarsolutions.com.