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What Do You Wish To Have On Your Table, A Cookie Or A Dry Fruit?

According to the latest report, the next big flavor update for the celebrated operating system will be Android Pistachio Ice Cream.  A Huawei Mobile employee has unintentionally revealed Android P’s full name in a live chat with a customer. After Android 8.0 and 8.1 called Oreo, it continues its dessert essence tradition which is no big surprise to the world. Now with what has been announced so far has invariably displayed its primal optimistic significance so far. The home screen is demonstrating noticeable redesigned notification cards and quick settings tile.

All apps and synopses are amalgamated into a single tab, which enables easy toggling between multiple apps. You can also scroll across the screen to view the most frequently used functions of the phone. The Android P has an adaptive battery that uses on-device machine learning to learn which probable apps you’ll use in the next few hours” said Google’s Dave Burke, head of engineering for Android.

We will be looking forward to using these open and flexible update benefits of android P including the Google add-ups, better battery life, prediction action called App Actions and the new dashboard. Pistachio though is not a dessert itself and is a little unacceptable, so would you prefer P for pineapple instead?

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