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What is pollen syndrome?

Pollen syndrome or precisely pollen-food syndrome is a medical condition that occurs due to the consumption of certain raw fruits and vegetables. It shows some immediate reaction to which a person may suffer from swelling or itchiness. The human body mistakes pollen as food and may respond to antihistamines.

This condition can be further triggered to cause mild swelling or itching of the lips, redness inside of the mouth, soft palate, and ears. However, cooking the raw veggies can help reduce the risks of its occurrence for those who are sensitized to birch pollen alone. Fruits such as pears, cherries, apples, apricots, mango, plums, peaches, kiwi, nectarines, tomatoes my stir the symptoms to another level by causing itchy hands and eye infections.

Occasionally, a general physician may suggest you treat this condition with injectable adrenaline. If you are prone to pollen allergies then smoothies, juices and vegetable juices must be avoided as these may aggravate the condition further. These drinks are made up of freshly cut raw veggies and fruits, which may contain numerous allergens and being cautious is the best decision.

Latex allergy is also similar to pollen-food syndrome only that it is caused due to naturally found rubber or latex. Living with such allergies can be daunting for many of us and it becomes extremely important to get emergency help to diagnose the real cause and ensure that the entire condition is well managed and well treated.

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