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Where do all the good bacteria go? Probiotics are the “friendly” bugs that your digestive system thrives.


It has always been known that probiotics or “good bacteria” plays a very important role in keeping the body fit and healthy. However, the over intake of certain medicines and drugs, over-consumption of alcohol and cigarettes, lifestyle impairments such as lack of sleep, stress, improper eating habits, consuming processed food products, and emotional strain has the potential to harm the natural balances of probiotics.

Dairy, healthcare products, infant nutrition, desserts, ice cream and snacks are leading categories for probiotics sources.  The manufacturers are now keen on introducing, probiotics into savory spreads, juices, cottage cheese, chocolates and many other consumables. Tropicana has launched probiotic juices in September 2016 and the juice brand named Suja introduced a range of probiotic waters in the U.S. market.  They are also conquering the chocolates market as the manufacturers have launched lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium dark chocolate bars. Some of the innovative non-dairy products, induced with probiotics such as spaghetti, muesli, durum wheat semolina, kale and broccoli poppers, fermented vegetables- waters, Kombucha with chia seeds, sour pickled asparagus, beans and pickles, etc are gaining popularity.

Our body is known for processing naturally occurring nutrients,  but we seem favor feeding ourselves with simple carbohydrates – sugars! As the importance of a healthy gut microbiota in keeping us alert and updated regarding several risks, life becomes better understood and is propelling the demand for probiotic-based food products.




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