Wonderfilm Media join hands with Oscar’s best picture nominee

The Wonderfilm has agreed on a joint venture with the Oscar’s best picture nominee in order to inaugurate a 200 million US Dollars fund for films. This would have stressed upon the development, packaging as well as financially providing toward an account of different, star-driven profitable feature-films as well as numerous TV series. Resultantly, their shareholders’ total access of the slate has increased by over 200%

For the Wonderfilm Media, this conglomerate would instantaneously enlarge their present slate and initial growth in the supply of their films, that would estimate to bring about around 250 mils, as well as additional enhancing the dramatic feature film which will be released to expand the business model of Wonderfilm.

The Oscar’s best picture nominee Shaun Redick stated that they are quite enthusiastic to join hands with Dan, Kirk, and the Wonderfilm. He claimed that they are looking forward to blending their creative approach and growth slate with that of Wonder film’s strengths of production and financing. This would allow them to launch films that would launch a message across to the audience as well as being publicly noticed. They intend on partnering in order to work towards bigger incentives as well.

Dan Grodnik from the Wonderfilm praised the works of Shaun and Yvette claiming that they have evidently proved themselves and that he would be looking forward to their presence in the firm. He continued on with stating how this aligns with the very reason the firm has initially created the business. He further added on that they believe in working and forming relationships with other individual producers for better results and expansion towards their objectives.

Wonderfilm has agreed to pay a $7,500 monthly consulting fee. Additionally, an enormous sum of 3.4 Million common shares will be allocated to IDE. An early 340 thousand compensatory Shares, along with 680 thousand other compensation Shares will be released in the next 36 months while others will be released using an escrow that is based on performance. This escrow works as one share is transferred for every 0.75 CAD which is gained from this partnership.