Year’s Hottest Trends That Will Redefine Customer Experience In 2018 Or Will it Stew Itself to Obscurity

The ongoing emerging trends will transform how businesses prosper. Since 2017, the market has witnessed a real-time explosion of cryptocurrency into the public consciousness. As businesses continue to grow sophisticated, it is making 2018 an increasing ground mandating a litmus test for marketers to address customer-facing problems.

Call Centers Will Step Aside Call Centers Will Step Aside

A number of market researchers have predicted that artificial intelligence is to replace the current call center companies. For instance, human-computer interaction has undergone potential developments ever since the olden days of punch cards. To optimize our lifestyles, AI comes in many forms, which may surprise you. That means a bot can address you, to understand and answer your queries just like a human would do.  Recently, UBank has launched a software called RoboChat, powered by IBM-Watson supercomputer, which can assist people with home loan applications. When you chat with a customer representative, having a human identity who instantly answers to your orders is, in fact, a device powered by AI.

A quick look back shows that a computer understanding human speech as it is spoken has always been our dream. The development of natural language processing (NLP) has overpowered the need of interacting with a stringent computer interface with limited voice commands. NLP is the brain behind Google voice assistance, Siri, and other chatbots.  Call centers are stepping aside so AI can pitch for customer-facing problems.

A sneak-peak trough the augmented reality canvas also depicts 2018 as a super year for its incorporation. With Facebook, Snapchat, and Google launching their kits to integrate AR into personal apps creation, Samsung is also reported to join the breed by blending AR framework as ARCore into their Galaxy phones.

The fluid nature of chatbots is anticipated to make a potential shift from a traditional messaging app to specialized apps.

“A computer/ device would deserve to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing that it was a human.” – Alan Turing

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