20 UK VCs explore opportunities in higher education in India

A deputation of VCs who are vice-chancellors of 20 topnotch institutes inside the United Kingdom is in the federal capital to discover chances of mutual engrossment in the sector of higher education also alongside stakeholders from India, including both government and also the universities.

The tour is a segment of a program that is bilateral and focused on higher education, which is called as UKIERI -lead by the Council in Britain.

United Kingdom universities have a goal to work near the stakeholders from India:

“Through the vice-chancellors’ deputation, United Kingdom’s institutes have a goal to work in close proximity  with the stakeholders from India  in the sector of  higher education in order  to further empower the relationship plus identify mutual priorities for the  collaborations to be done in future,” Sir Smith who is the  Chairman of the  Universities International said.

“We have a goal to closely comprehend the sight and priority sectors of the central government of India, federal governments plus the institutes providing higher education to keep a check and balance on the part United Kingdom’s institutes and the nation more largely could play to attain goals of India in the surroundings of the draft Policy of New Education,” he said.

Take out parts of mutual engrossment in the sector of higher education:

The main goal of the tour is to give freedom to the United Kingdom’s vice-chancellors to calculate with main stakeholders of India from the state, institutes and concerned bodies to distinguish and take out sectors and aspects of mutual engrossment in the sector of higher education in both countries (the United Kingdom and India)

UKIERI is the first bilateral program for research in India that gives the ability to the governments of India and UK and also to their universities to work near those sectors of higher education that matter