Ex suppliers of GM Korea would start manufacturing the EV Components

Some car providers in South Korea’s North Jeolla area will go to assembling electric vehicle segments in the wake of losing contracts with GM Korea. A neighborhood review tested 403 auto various... Read more »

Singaporean firms are going to find newer openings in the growth of the Chinese bay areas

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area (GBA), with its population of 70 million, will offer opportunities in sectors like healthcare, education, environmental protection and urban planning for businesses and entrepreneurs here. Panellists... Read more »

Q2 Share Repurchase: Santander Consumer Announces Massive 400 Million USD Plan

Santander Consumer USA Holdings lnc. (SC) (“SC”, “Santander Consumer” or the “Organization”) today declared that its top managerial staff approved, and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (“Federal Reserve”)... Read more »

Over Half Million Licenses Issued To New Businesses In 2019

The number of business licenses issued in the UAE added up to 560,158 since the beginning of 2019, an expansion of 3.7 percent, or 19,800 licenses, contrasted with the finish of 2018.... Read more »

Japan Considering Allowing Foreign Trainees For Hotels Jobs

As it hopes to bring countless hands-on specialists into the nation from April, the Cabinet on Tuesday embraced a bundle of strategy estimates that it says will give more noteworthy help to... Read more »

UAE Based Companies Show Interest to Invest In Gwadar

UAE Ambassador Hamad Obaid Ibrahim Salem Al-Zaabi on Tuesday said numerous organizations in UAE are quick to put resources into Gwadar and them as of late visited Pakistan for the reason. Al-Zaabi... Read more »

What do you have to do to become a global citizen?

Globalisation is far from being perfect. While it has raised almost every indicator of economic and human development, it had some negative side effects. Some communities were left behind and felt disenfranchised,... Read more »

The peaceful Bayer boss hit by Germany’s first enormous no confidence vote

For the calm, unassuming man in charge of Bayer, June 7 2018 resembled multi day of triumph for Germany’s headache medicine to-weed executioner combination. That was the day that Werner Baumann gladly... Read more »

Letter welcomes broadband and says no to 5G

Recently, the New Hampshire Legislature wisely decided to pause the rollout of 5G until more is revealed about the potential health effects of this new technology. Switzerland, Belgium and California are taking... Read more »