Boeing safety fears addressed months before Ethiopia crash

In a gathering last November, pilots of the American Airlines went up against the Boeing Company owing to potential security issues in its 737 Max planes. They encouraged quick activity after the... Read more »

Texas Emergency Management Conference Panel Highlights Key Women Leaders in The Emergency Response Industry

AshBritt CEO Brittany Perkins Castillo discusses the important role women have played in the Emergency Management field to a large audience at the 2019 Texas Emergency Management Conference. This week in San Antonio, Texas, the Texas Emergency... Read more »

Cannabis Industry Developments in California

Over a year has gone since California’s recreational cannabis laws produced results. Since California has the country’s biggest state economy, there’s been a great deal of enthusiasm for whether the achievement of... Read more »

The launch of XITE: A joint venture by partners, Zixi and Veset

An announcement was made today by the Zixi who is an industrial leader which enables reliable, lie aired-quality video over Internet protocol (IP) about their partnering up with Veset which is a... Read more »
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Luxury portable toilets are the most convenient way to provide additional restroom facilities irrespective of the type of event that you are organizing. Usually, when we talk about these portable toilet units,... Read more »

SpaceX launches 13th mission of 2018 in the form of Telstar satellite

Space Exploration Technologies Corp (SpaceX) launched a private satellite yesterday marking its 13th launch of the year. SpaceX launched Telstar communications satellite named Telstar 19 VANTAGE on early Sunday from Space Launch... Read more »