A human sized jelly fish had been spotted off the UK coast

Lizzie Daly was jumping Saturday off the shoreline of Cornwall in Britain when she saw something enormous out there and completed a twofold take. Daly had seen a barrel jellyfish previously however nothing of this size.

Daly, a scholar and telecaster, swam up to the peach-hued animal coasting through the water, as cameraman Dan Abbott caught the experience.

“We weren’t anticipating anything,” Daly said. “It was a flat out joy to get that experience.”

Abbott and Daly were jumping as a component of Wild Ocean Week, a raising money battle for the Marine Conservation Society of the United Kingdom made by Daly, that was intended to record different marine species off the coast.

“My first response was that I’ve never observed a jellyfish that size in my life,” Abbott said. At that point, he was centered on avoiding its direction and endeavoring to catch a video of the “excellent, grand, moderate moving, and effortless creature.”

Barrel jellyfish begin little, a negligible millimeter long, before they develop into the enormous animal found in the video, said Cheryl Ames, an exploration teammate with the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, who was not associated with the video.

“It’s extremely amazing to see them this enormous,” Ames revealed to The Washington Post.

It is likely outlandish for a barrel jellyfish to turn into that enormous in an aquarium, as per Ames, who said the marine creature, which eats fish, small scavangers and zooplankton, lives off the shoreline of the United Kingdom just as in the Mediterranean.

The stinging cells of barrel jellyfish are smaller than those of others with long limbs.

“They don’t generally pack a mean punch, in spite of the fact that I wouldn’t have any desire to put my deliver there,” Ames said.

Daly said she was not terrified when she swam alongside the jellyfish and expectations the video rouses others to get amped up for the sea.

“Get in the water, get a snorkel veil,” Daly said. “Simply pull out all the stops to perceive what’s out there.”