Andrew Hopper gets appointed as the Head of Financial Institutions for Europe and the United Kingdom by the Starr Insurance Companies

An announcement was made today by the Starr Insurance Companies that they will be appointing Andrew Hopper as their new Head of Financial Institutions for Europe as well as the United Kingdom. Mr. Hopper will be joining the Starr on the 3rd June and will be taking the responsibility for the profitable as well as long term growth of the division.

Before joining the Starr, Mister Hopper happened to a senior client executive at the FinPro Practice which is in Marsh, London.

The Chief Underwriting officer at Financial Lines, Starr Underwriting Agents Ltd, Lizz Ilott, passed the following statement: “Andrew will be bringing along with him more than 17 years of experience in the financial industry on both the carrier as well as broker sides of the business. He has developed smart solutions for risk management for the large financial institution in the course of his career inclusive of asset managers, banks, life insurance companies, as well as having a known record for stimulating the sales revenue growth for this bosses. Under his leadership, we will be helped to create new channels and our relationship with the partners as well as with clients will be boosted.”

Starr is a marketing name for the travel assistance as well as operating insurance companies. In addition to this for the investment business of C. V. Starr & Co., Inc. along with its subsidiaries. Starr Insurance Companies is a prominent investment & insurance organization which is operating in 6 continents. By means of its operating insurance companies, Starr gives the provision of casualty, health, property as well as accident insurance products in addition to a range of expert coverages inclusive of the energy, marine, aviation, and extra casualty insurance.