Aviva Canada announces the launch of tailored insurance for the Canadian companies

Aviva Canada announced today, the launch of its team of Global Corporate and Specialty (GCS) which shall deliver custom insurance solutions along with dedicated service to large corporate and commercial companies of Canada that are doing business in the country and the United States. The GCS clients of Aviva shall therefore be able to take benefit from the global strength as well as security of Aviva plc.

The Executive Director of GCS, John Mattioli, at Aviva Canada said that in the insurance market of today, large corporate as well as commercial companies usually struggle for finding innovative and also flexible insurance as well as risk management solutions for meeting their unique needs. GCS is providing truly client-centric service as it has leveraged an integrated team of the underwriters, specialists of loss control, and also dedicated claims professionals that study a business from in detail to best understand and then address any issues before they can become claims. He also said that this was an underserved market in Canada , and they had created a team which had earned the right of playing, and be competitive in such space.

GCS is currently uniting five major business operations within Aviva Canada: Corporate Risk, Surety, Programs, Specialty Risk, and Equipment Breakdown, and then combines the expertise of more than 250 professionals for delivering client-tailored solutions. The GCS team of Aviva also supports several sectors, including the real estate and construction, industrial and manufacturing, technology and telecommunication, industry of food and beverage, sectors of health and public, distribution and wholesale, and also retail.

At its core, GCS is offering a prevention-first approach for risking protection that is leveraging the latest technology for identifying issues before they can become claims, and further streamline the processes that resolve them.