Unwilling or unable? The U.S. faces an uphill battle in the quest to save Japan-South Korea intel pact

As the days tick down before a key military intelligence-sharing pact between Japan and South Korea expires, Washington is pressuring Seoul to reverse its decision to terminate the agreement. The only issue?... Read more »
Japanese Technology

Japanese Technology To battle Pollution? Top Court Asks Centre To Explore

With air quality once again hitting hazardous levels in Delhi and surrounding areas, the Supreme Court today slammed the center on the issue of air pollution in the capital and other parts... Read more »

IoT Regulation: Too Little? Too Late?

Many IoT devices ‘ pathetic security has been well known for years. Action by the government that could finally change this sad fact could finally arrive. These first steps, however, seem to... Read more »

Trump’s Huawei United States Security Chief: China’s policies to risk thousands of American jobs

The Trump administration is hurting American jobs and companies by blacklisting Chinese telecom giant Huawei on what it believes are risks to U.S. national security, the chief security officer of Huawei USA... Read more »

Crypto Tax Software Sees an increase in Demand Amid IRS Crackdown

Startups providing cryptocurrency tax software have been proliferating in recent years, and the tools will become even more popular in the filing season for 2020, industry professionals said. Software demand, which calculates... Read more »

AI has a bias problem Barring African experts from a Canadian conference will not help

Some of Africa and South America’s leading artificial intelligence experts are denied visas for attending a major industry conference in Canada, undermining efforts to prevent discrimination from taking root in the new... Read more »

Zagat’s NYC Guide Is Back in Print After 3 Years

Zagat has been every New Yorker’s guide book giving them instant access to numerous restaurant listings. The print edition of the pocket-sized book was discontinued for the past three years, but has... Read more »


The burning of plastic waste in Indonesia, much of which has been sent there by the West, is poisoning the food chain. Environmental group named International Pollutants Elimination Network (IPEN) found, in... Read more »

Sri Lanka Intolerant to Corruption After Unstable Period in Cricket

The subcontinent has had its fair share of instability in cricket periods characterized by the underworld and political parties corrupting the entire sport. Match-fixers emerge as the South African captain Hansie Cronje... Read more »