Climate Crisis Should be declared Official Emergency say Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez

A bunch of lawmakers from the US including the Democratic presidential contender of 2020, Bernie Sanders have proposed to declare the crisis of the climate change an official emergency, that is an important recognition of the danger that is taken after noticeable pressure from the environmental groups.

The New York Democratic congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and an Oregon Democratic Congressman, Earl Blumenauer, has planned to introduce a similar resolution on Tuesday in the House, confirmed their offices.

Climate activists have been calling for the declaration of the resolution for a long time. The United Nations has warned that the world is facing a new climate disaster every week.

According to the group of advocacy for Climate Mobilization, last month,16 countries and several local governments, and the New York City have announced an emergency of climate crisis already,  and Sixteen countries and hundreds of local governments, including New York City last month, have declared a climate emergency already.

The office of Blumenauer said that he planned to draft the resolution after President Donald Trump announced an emergency at the border of US and Mexico so he could continue with his decision of building a wall separating the two countries.US border with Mexico so he could pursue building a wall between the two countries.

In the Congress, the Democrats that are in control of the House probably have enough support for the resolution, however, Republicans that are in majority in the Senate will most probably not approve.

Trump along with his administration have been questioning the science that is showing that humans are responsible for climate crisis. They have understated the risks of increasing temperatures and devastated government efforts for limiting the heat-trapping pollution from cars, power plants, and other sources.