Long-Term UAE Residency Visas Made Easily Affordable

On Sunday, The UAE government announced that the Long-term residency visas of UAE with a validity of ten years are now obtainable for merely Dh1,150 whereas it will cost only Dh650 for five years.

According to the criteria of eligibility that was announced earlier, the investors that are in public investment and even the senior professionals that are working for them along with exceptionally talented researchers in several domains also qualify for ten-year visas. The families of these people can also benefit from these packages.

Just the previous week, two business leaders residing in Dubai and having Indian origin became the very first expatriates of India to get the ten-year resident visa of UAE.

The chairman, Vasu Shroff, of Regal Group of Companies, and the MD of Al Nisr Cinema Film and Khushi Group of Companies, Khushi Khatwani were the first Indians along with their families to benefit from this opportunity.

Talking to the Gulf News, Vasu Shroff that visa charges in Dubai are affordable as compared to the other advanced and developed countries.

He said that he had to pay only Dh1,350 per visa and that was also inclusive of the service charges. He remarked that for ten years, it is a very affordable package as in the UK, the cost of the multi-entry visa is almost Dh5,000. Shroff, who is living in Dubai since 1960 appreciated this governments initiative for retaining and further attracting the investors which is making lives simpler, easier and also hassle-free.

Shroff further said that he issued the long-term visas for his entire family of 11 members, including wife, children and also grandchildren.

Shroff said that his entire family took advantage of the facility and got their visas. He further appreciated their service saying that it was the fastest he had ever observed and the procedure barely took ten minutes. All that had to be done was the swapping of the old visa with the new one on their passports, he added.

The ten-year scheme of these new visas began in January. A few Arab experts and scientists from the field of medicine were among the first people to receive it.