Nissan initiates hands-free option in Japan as early before the fall start

Since a long time, Nissan has stressed upon on the necessity of keeping the hands on the wheel while using Nissan’s Pro-pilot Assist technology of semi-autonomous driving in the U.S.

However, now it is pushing its brand new technology of total hands-free driving option as early before the fall starts in the home market of Japan. This is when the arrival of the second generation Pro-Pilot system, fulfilling the promise of Nissan Motor Co. of launching a self-driving system with the feature of automatic navigation for the highways within the next ten years.

Disclosed last week as the Pro-pilot 2.0 there are several advances of this improvement which has been vended in around 350 thousand vehicles around the world after hitting the market in 2016.

The major advancement amongst these all was the delivery of pure hands-free technology at the highway driving from both on-ramps as well as an off-ramp. The system includes the switching of lanes from one to another, can pass other cars as well as assist in the existing lane.

At present the system does not give allowance for the changing of lanes nor takes any orders from the navigation system for driving itself to the desired destination. And in the United States, the word “assist” is tack by the circumspect Nissan onto the Pro-pilot name so in order to avoid the engendering of any false sense of safety and security in its limit of abilities.

The General Manager of the automaker’s autonomous driving development department, Tetsuya Iijima passed the following statement: “The latest technology will be keeping Nissan as the leader of the pack in the developing field of the autonomous driving, the major focus of the brand building  long term strategy of Nissan.”