Stealth Fighter

South Korea Is Working on a Stealth Fighter

South Korea has joined Japan and Turkey within the group of middle powers that each one tries to develop distinctive concealment fighters. Be skeptical. The world’s biggest economies barely will support the... Read more »
Deadly fungus

Deadly fungus discovered in an Australian rainforest

A lethal species of fungus, among the deadliest in the world, has been found in northern Australia thanks to a local photographer, many kilometers away from Japan and Korea, where it was... Read more »

South Korea Shall be launching satellites from Australia in the year 2020

A South Korean company has announced the launch o satellites from South Australia into space from the year 2020. On Monday, Perigee Aerospace signed a Launch Facilities Agreement with the Southern Launch,... Read more »
Artificial Robotic Muscles

Artificial Robotic Muscles That Flex On Command

Science Robotics published a study about a team of scientists in South Korea that has developed robotic muscles that can move when an electrical current is passed through them. Muscles contract and... Read more »
nuclear reactors

S.Korea, S.Arabia concede on commercial nuclear reactors

Korean media reported, South Korea and Saudi Arabia will combine to work on marketing of medium-small nuclear reactor. Yonhap news reported citing South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT, at a two-sided... Read more »
white list

South Korea drops Japan from their trade ‘white list’

On Wednesday, South Korea said that they had approved their decision of removing Japan from their white list of countries that had the honor of a trade status of fast track, as... Read more »

The Nobel price project by South Korea was affected by a really tumultuous year

It’s been a turbulent year for the Prestigious Institute for Basic Science in South Korea — an accumulation of research focuses that was established in 2011 and intended to win the nation... Read more »

Japan asks South Korea for explanation on their change in trading policy

In the recent escalation in the trade feud between the two Asian neighbors, the ministry of Japanese industry on Tuesday questioned the rationale behind the decision of South Korea in mid-August for... Read more »

Continually down surges in exports are experienced by South Korea

South Korea’s export posted a twofold digit fall a month ago, proceeding with a descending pattern for the ninth back to back month, an administration report appeared on Sunday. Export, which records... Read more »