The Economic Substance regulations in UAE

The European Union (EU), has actualized criteria with which purviews with no or just ostensible expense arrangements need to consent as a component of the EU’s endeavors to advance monetary between jurisdictional... Read more »

UAE changes a couple of fees and IP charges

According to the ongoing choice no. 51 issued by the Cabinet, the Ministry of Economy denied expenses on in excess of 100 taxpayer driven organizations and diminished the charges for others among... Read more »

Iran discusses the maritime security with UAE

United Arab Emirates authorities ventured out to Iran to examine sea security in the Persian Gulf with their partners, in the midst of endeavors to deliver dangers to business ships going through... Read more »

UAE does not plan on leaving Yemen despite an official drawdown

The United Arab Emirates has said it isn’t leaving Yemen notwithstanding a redeployment of its powers in the war-torn nation, as Huthi agitators said they were prepared to stop assaults on Saudi... Read more »

UAE has its plans for the overhaul of the trade for boosting the Middle East’s representation

The United Arab Emirates’ state-run ADNOC, since quite a while ago was seen as one of the most moderate oil firms in the Middle East, plans an update for its trading assignments... Read more »

UAE has its plans for renovation to improve the Middle Eastern influencec

The United Arab Emirates’ state-run ADNOC, long observed as one of the most preservationist oil firms in the Middle East, designs a redesign for its exchanging tasks as it tries to copy... Read more »

UAE and their green energy initiatives

A UAE activity to fabricate sustainable power source extends in the Caribbean has opened ways to a greener future for individuals in an area that endures the worst part of environmental change,... Read more »

Mangoes from Pakistan comes to UAE after several weeks delay

After a delay of more than a couple of weeks because of a sizeable production loss, primarily owing to climate change-led extreme weather conditions, Pakistani mangoes have arrived in the UAE markets.... Read more »

Encourage lean tech for a better UAE

Remember that food packaging you threw into the garbage yesterday, or the broken table-tennis paddle or kid’s sneakers full of holes? Probably not. That’s why they’re in the garbage. But increasingly, the... Read more »