The 13 thousandth robot manufactured by Dürr is all set for the General Motors in Korea

The 13,000th robot made by Dürr will move to another paint look for General Motors in Changwon in Korea. This is the principal establishment of the new Dürr robot age for GM. The robot gear is a piece of Dürr’s greatest request to date in Korea.

The 13,000th robot made by Dürr is an EcoRP E043i, and will be utilized to paint the inside of traveler autos at GM in Changwon. The festival of this particular robot is extraordinary to Dürr for some reasons: it is the first run through Dürr’s new age three robots will be utilized at GM. GM depends on completely mechanized painting with the most recent application innovation.

The gear for the new paint shop, which Dürr was authorized to manufacture, incorporates an aggregate of 78 third-age robots. The absolute request is likewise the greatest request Dürr has gotten to date as a general contractual worker in Korea. GM will put the arranged plant into activity in 2021, and paint the new Chevrolet Spark just as minimal SUVs there utilizing the 3-wet technique.

The EcoRP E043i and 033i painting robots will deal with painting within inside and outside of the vehicles vehicle bodies in Changwon. Seven-pivot robots with the most recent EcoBell3 atomizer innovation will paint the insides of the vehicle bodies with amazingly high exactness and adaptability. Their upgraded portability means they can reach even hard to-get to places easily.

The outsides will be painted utilizing six-pivot robots. Dürr’s application innovation, for example, the EcoBell Cleaner D2 atomizer cleaner, represents cutting edge forms with low VOC discharges. The interchange of the dosing siphon, shading changer, atomizer, and atomizer cleaner guarantees quick and proficient shading changes inside only 15 seconds, consequently lessening paint misfortune and flushing operator utilization when evolving shading.

The solvents are expelled from the fumes air utilizing an Ecopure® RTO regenerative warm fumes air refinement framework together with the Ecopure® CRC VOC concentrator from Dürr.

In the current production line in Changwon, Dürr structured the plant to be more than three levels with two painting lines for an absolute volume of 60 vehicles for each hour. GM thought one stage ahead when structuring the plant by giving space to a later two-tone painting line.