The leading naval architecture consultancy firm wins the award of ‘Best Green Maritime Consultant’

Aries Marine, a leading naval architecture consultancy and survey firm, recently won the award for “Best Green Maritime Consultant” at the International Green Shipping and Technology Summit, which was held in Athens, Greece.
The event was organised to bring together firms and associations involved in integrating green technology solutions in the shipping industry, said a statement.
The honor is an acknowledgment of Aries Marine’s job as a main specialist organization for retrofitting of Exhaust Gas cleaning and Ballast water treatment frameworks on boats in administration, it said.

With a reputation of more than 500 tasks in Ballast water framework retrofit thinks about and more than 140 scrubber retrofits, Aries Marine is presently one of the world’s driving designing and venture the board specialist organizations for these green retrofits.

The organization is presently known as the one-stop search for such Retrofit ventures, giving administrations going from 3D filtering, demonstrating building, venture the board to retrofitting and appointing help nearby.

With 50 elements and nearness in 15 nations internationally, Aries Group have different cutting edge innovations presented concentrating on checked interest.

Aries Marine has consented to Frame arrangements and armada contracts with a significant number of the world’s driving boat proprietors and directors.

Gireesh M Menon, overseeing executive of Aries Marine, stated: “With IMO guidelines set up, 2019 and 2020 will characterize a very long time for the Ballast water treatment framework (BWTS) retrofits with many real ship proprietors having various establishment necessities consistently. Over that, increasingly more ship proprietors and charterers are selecting Scrubber retrofits.”

“An Aries Greenship arrangement is presently completely outfitted to take on the difficult circumstance, with opening of new workplaces and increment in labor. While most proprietors are deciding on an open circle design, we likewise have expanding interest for building for open circle yet ‘cross breed prepared’ establishment thinks about,” he said.

“Adding to Green Initiatives, we presently likewise offer administrations towards double fuel transformations, Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) Surveys, dispatch reusing arrangements also,” he included