The United States sees excelling Hyundai

In May, Hyundai Motor managed to sell a total of 66,121 automobiles in the U.S., having risen by 2% from the previous year. This symbolizes the 10th consecutive month of growing collective sales in the second-biggest automotive market around the globe.

Hyundai Motor, the Seoul-based company, stated how the rapid sales of their sports utility vehicles (commonly known as the SUV) helped contribute to the company’s sturdy performance.

Tucson, Santa Fe, and Kona, to be particular, all succeeded in setting new monthly sales records for the month of May. The sales of Santa Fe XL and that of Santa Fe, rose by a total of 29%, compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, sales of Kona rose by 42%.

55% of the total sales for Hyundai Motors was made up by the solid performance of their sports utility vehicles. In terms of cars, sales of Accent increased by 8%, while the sales of Veloster jumped by 40%.

John Cook, the Hyundai Director, stated that the increased market shares and sales in the month of May are owed to how they continued to attend to their core models, the tireless works of their partners, the marketing support they had and their remarkable product line.

Meanwhile, companies like Kia Motors generated sub-standard results the previous month, considering how its sales worldwide came up to about 239,059 units. This was 3.4% lesser than it was the previous year.

Particularly, the number of sales in Korea fell by 8.6%.

The officials at the Kia Motors, however, predict how the sales, both in the foreign countries and at home, will return back to normal in the upcoming future.

A Kia Motors official stated how the sales worldwide, for Kia, are predicted to accelerate in the coming few months.